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Covid-19 Policy

It's more important than ever to look after each other's health and safety.  For this reason, there will be a few changes to how bookings with me work. I understand it might feel silly or like I'm a pain in the arse, but hear me out.

1. Honesty on your behalf

As your sexy service provider, I really require you to be honest with me when we meet in regards to your health and covid. This includes letting me know if you are or were recently ill, been a close contact or recently tested positive to covid. Myself and my family members are immuno-compromised so I can't express how important this is.

2. If you are or have been sick recently, or you or someone you live with is a close or casual contact

If you have been or are sick at the time of our appointment, that's ok. We can rebook. You will not lose any deposits and I'm certain we can find a time that suits.

3. I wont ask your vaccination status

I don't feel like this is my business. I don't ask for your health records and I trust that you can make the choices best for you. In saying that, it's totally fine if you DO want to tell me, just know that either way it will not affect your chances of securing a booking with me. If you are curious, I am vaccinated.

4. Rapid test upon arrival

This makes me feel like I'm working in a medical centre, but now that rapid antigen tests are available, you will be required to perform one upon arrival. I will also have a negative test of my own to show you. If either of us test positive on the day, we'll need to rebook. 

5. Masks, face to face contact, kissing and covid safe fucking

As a GFE provider this one is really hard for me. A huge part of my job is close contact and intimacy - obviously.  When you arrive, please wear a mask and continue to until we perform the rapid test. We can discuss together the details of kissing and face to face contact at the time of booking. 

6. Our promise to each other

I promise you that I'll do my best to keep you and your loved ones safe, and by reading this and booking an appointment with me, I assume you'll promise me the same.

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